FS-BT485A Bluetooth serial port adapter in the application of MITSUBISHI PLC
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     Bluetooth serial port adapter by its very good anti-interference transparent transmission capacity, and serial etc, entered industrial control areas, a growing number of applications in industrial automation, distributed data acquisition, intelligent transport, electricity, hydraulics, and many other industries, implementation of industrial control interfaces such as RS232/RS485/RS422 the transparent wireless

    FS-BT485A is Fourstar electrics of the production and development RS232/RS422/RS485 A universal Bluetooth serial port adapter, designed interests of the characteristics of industrial control equipment, using 9~ 40VDC wide voltage power supply, their RS232 ports to standard the DTE The definition of DB9M needle block, interface, can be inserted directly into the various PLC programming cable connection PLC。    

    FS-BT485A can be used to Mitsubishi FX series PLC( FX3U/FX2N/FX1N/FX1S/FX0N/FX0S …), the implementation of the computer and PLC, touch screen and PLC、 PLC与 PLC, or other device in wireless data transmission between.

       About the Mitsubishi series PLC and FS-BT485A in the application of serial port parameters setting: Mitsubishi series FX in of serial data PLC format:

 7E1 (7 bit, even parity, a 1 stop bit), 7 bit is not supported on Bluetooth, so need to set up as: ( 8 8N1 bit, with no parity, a 1 stop bit), in General, if a serial-byte length of the same.:

7E1 = 1 a start bit (fixed) + 7 bit + 1 a even parity bit a + 1 stop bit = 10

8N1 = 1 a start bit (fixed) + 8 bit + no parity bit a + 1 stop bit = 10

The following is a FS-BT485A and Mitsubishi FX series PLC in the applied solid Example: 

1、 The computer by FS-BT485A and FX3U/FX2N/FX1N series PLC of RS232 interface Bluetooth wireless communication, to FX2N For example, use the FX2N-232-BD interface plate as shown in the following figure:

2、 The Mitsubishi FX series PLC and F940/F930/F920 , and so on a touch screen Bluetooth wireless communication, alternative FX-50DU-CAB0 cables as shown in the following figure:

    FS-BT485A and the Mitsubishi F940 touch screen and FX series PLC of connections through connections by the following figure:

3、 FS-BT485A and the Mitsubishi FX series PLC constitute RS485 Bluetooth wireless communication network. of the PLC for interface adopted RS485 FXxx-485-BD interface board, with no need to change the original cable communication of any software when.

4、The computer and pass FS-BT485A and Mitsubishi FX series PLC of the programming port (RS422), Bluetooth wireless communication, that is a traditional programming cable SC-09 becomes a Bluetooth wireless communication.

    Such as selection FX appropriation of The Bluetooth correspondence set the piece FS-BT-SC09 usage is more convenient.