What is Bluetooth technology?
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What is Bluetooth technology?

Bluetooth ( Bluetooth) is a short-range radio technology, its purpose is to simplify your small network devices such as moving PC, PDA, mobile phones, etc.), and links these devices and Internet communication.

About “ Bluetooth the origin of the word, then come from an interesting historical story.

10 century BC, the Danish King Harold Budd beauty - (HaraldBla, - tand) was finally watchers around BC the 960 years conquered the entire Denmark and Norway. Harold has a passion for eating a Blueberry, even the teeth have been dyed blue, thus have a nickname: Bluetooth (Bluetooth) for Bluetooth with”  “ Bluetooth as a small range wireless communication technology standards for their ” “ unified , said that the technology originated from Denmark, and able ” “ unified various instruments.

The benefits of Bluetooth technology is there anything?

1、 Working in the 2.4 GHz ISM band with , the band around the world genera green free band, use the band the radio resource management departments to apply for license.

2、 Green and safe. Because of Bluetooth wireless networks transmit power is less than 100 MW , representing a general weak many cell phones to, and cell phones transmit power about around 200 MW , and use is not like mobile phones generally direct contact to the human body, so very safe .

3、 Have good anti- interference ability.  Work in ISM band there are many kinds of radio equipment, such as household microwave oven, wireless local area network ( wireless local , area network ) and WLAN, HomeRF and other products, in order to have a good resistance to interference from these devices, Bluetooth adopted quickly and jump repeatedly(Frequency Hopping) a way to expand a frequency chart(Spread Spectrum), 2.48GHz ~ 2.402 band is divided into 79 a frequency, adjacent frequency interval 1 MHz. Bluetooth devices in a frequency after sending the data, and then skip to send another frequency, and the order of frequency points is a pseudo random, every second frequency change 1600 times, each frequency 625μs . This makes the Bluetooth technology than other systems are more stable.

4、 Can transmit voice and data. Bluetooth adopted circuit-switched and packet switching technology, support for a synchronous data channels, three-way voice channel, and a synchronous data transfer and synchronization of the speech at the same time the channel.

5、 in range leapfrogging the obstructions to connect, not specifically address perspective and orientation requirements.

6、 communication speeds high. UART for serial communication speeds up to 2Mbps .

7、 UART can be achieved on serial “ transparent ” wireless transmission. After a pair of Bluetooth establishing chain connects, it of two UART strings elephant one lead line similar, by do you not need to modify the original serial communication protocol UART and software, you can easily use wireless communication replacing the original serial cable.

 8、Composed of small easy-to-network flexible packet type supports a variety of applications