Bluetooth serial port setting software BT232Set user manual
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This software setting applies to FourStar electronic production of RS232/RS485/RS422 Bluetooth serial port adapter, as a parameter to set an internal Bluetooth module. Support Bluetooth products and hardware connections are as follows:

Type: FS-BT-485A is RS232/RS485/RS422 common Bluetooth serial port adapter, set the parameter is required to be set up switch dial to “ Set ” position, and serial port line  with the product will product RS232 socket and computer RS232 socket are connected, is set on completion, will switch to dial to “ Data ” where you are working properly.

Type: FS-BT-SC-09 、 FS-BT-PPI 、 FS-BT-MPI , Mitsubishi, Siemens, etc. PLC use Bluetooth communication suite, such products are already set up users typically do not need to set. For some advanced users need to change the parameters, the need to open the product of the shell, set the circuit board set up switch dial to“Set ” position, and a serial port line will circuit board , TXD , RXD ,GND three pins and the computer's RS232 socket connections:


TXD --------------------- PC RS232 pin2

RXD --------------------- PC RS232 pin3

GND --------------------- PC RS232 pin5


When you need to settings set baud rate of three dial switch all dial to OFF position( 000)。 When normal working mode (switch in the “ Data ” position), such as baud rate setting switch in 000, by setting the position of the baud rate work, non- 000 position, press the baud rate switch specifies the baud rate to work.

Is set on completion, will switch dial to“ Data ” where you are working properly.

While set please promise that the Bluetooth products plugged in.

The product model FS is a registered trademark of the FourStar electronic FOURSTAR.

Enter settings software:

       Connected computer and Bluetooth serial port products, double click BT232Set file entry setting software, make right choices and Bluetooth products connect computer communications port ( RS232 serial interface:COM1 ~ COM16 ), which address mouth or USB convert RS232 the serial port after. Click on the “ connection ” button when the computer will connect Bluetooth products and automatically read the internal Bluetooth product parameters to display the interface as follows:

A description of each parameter:

1、Device name

Each Bluetooth module device has name, this name may appear in the distal Bluetooth device. Provisions for the device name: 1 to 20 digits, English characters and underscores, does not support the Chinese characters, users may purchase any changes.

2 The firmware version number

Bluetooth module internal software version number, user cannot change.

3Baud rate

Bluetooth module to work correctly the baud rate used when value :( 1200, 2400, 4800, 19200, 38400, 57600, 15200, 230400, 256000, 460800) bps One of the, not to accept the other values.

4Parity bit

Bluetooth module correctly parity bit of serial port: N,E,O , respectively indicating no parity, even parity odd parity.

5Stop bit

Bluetooth module correctly stop bits of serial port: 1 bit or 2 bits。

Bluetooth module of data bits, fixed 8 bits, cannot be changed .For some use 7 bit with odd (or even) parity bit device can be set to: 8 bit +-no parity.

6、Master device

When a Bluetooth module works in main mode Master, the automatically to bind the Bluetooth slave devices a request originated the link, when and distal (slave device) PIN codes is consistent you establish a link.

7、Slave device

When a Bluetooth module works in slave mode Slave, Bluetooth module will always be on standby, waiting for the master side Bluetooth device (Master device) sponsor link establishment requests.

when the Master device and Slave device address you want to bind, and the Master-Slave device PIN code the same time, under normal working condition, Bluetooth module power or reset the links automatically after, to establish a link to a blue on the back panel link flashing on, the serial port and at this time the Master device and Slave device serial just between a pair of wire as connecting together, data is available from serial Master-Slave device, and the arbitrary transfer between parties of the device still uses the original communication software, we call this serial for transparent.

8 Serial tips

Bluetooth module in the normal working mode, once the power or reset when serial prompt information from the serial port output, such as when on the version information and this client address, build chain, chain breakage after tips. Available through the setting determines whether output serial tips.

9PIN code

The password of the Bluetooth module, A number or English characters and cannot accept special characters, case-sensitive, minimal 1 bit, the longest 10. Factory default settings: 00000000

Only Master-Slave two device PIN code that was the Master device and Slave device to establish a link when you bind, transparently Bluetooth serial transfer data.

10、The local Bluetooth address

       And computer connections Bluetooth module's address, the address is Bluetooth chip manufacturer-written addresses, user cannot be modified.

11 、 binding slave address

       Needs to bind the remote side of the address Slave device, only the Bluetooth module is in the Master device (valid when the Master mode).This address in hexadecimal, support double-byte format or 4-byte format, such as: 00:02:5b:00:d0:9C or 0000:d09c:005b:0002 or the address.

       Input slave end address bindings skills: available in the address slave end read copied pasted.

       Only when binding slave end address and the Master-Slave two modules PIN code the same time, in order to establish the link serial transparent data transfer.

A description of each command button:


Connect computer and Bluetooth module communication of connect, your Bluetooth settings for the switch on the module dial to “Set” position. Setup is completed need to switch to dial to “Data” position, Bluetooth module that is, you can work in the new parameters.


Read the Bluetooth module parameters.


Will save the modified parameter to Bluetooth module of Flash memory, quit after setting the status to a new parameter Bluetooth module to work.


Bluetooth module parameters restored to factory settings, such as: the device name:FOURSTAR , baud rate: 9600bps ,8 a data bits, no parity, 1 a stop bit, serial port Slave device, have prompted, PIN码 = 00000000


Set the software version and copyright information, etc.


Returns exit setting software Windows the operating system, when the required settings for a Bluetooth module to switch dial “ Data ” position module to work with new parameters.

Examples of commonly used mode settings:

       Add two Bluetooth module separately set to the Master device and transparently Salve device, data communication Bluetooth serial port.

1 Setting Bluetooth module to the Bluetooth Slave devices  

Bluetooth module Slave device is always in standby mode, initiated by the Master device find, pairing and connections, commonly used for and PDA , notebook built-in Bluetooth, PC +USB Bluetooth adapter or Master Bluetooth module wireless for serial port communication.


2 Setting Bluetooth module as the Master Bluetooth device, and the composition Slave device one-to-one automatic connections, transparent serial mode

Bluetooth module is always in main mode, automatic lookup, pairing and connection binding from a client device, but the connection is successful, two-way transparent can be carried out, the serial transport are often used to built-in Bluetooth instrumentation, PDA , a built-in Bluetooth mobile phone, notebook, of PC + USB Bluetooth adapter, or Slave Bluetooth module, etc for wireless serial communication.   

The above settings completed, the second Bluetooth module settings switch back “ Data ”the location and then restart electricity, two Bluetooth module link indicator Link will Flash become about a few seconds, indicating that the second flashing on Bluetooth module has established links, two serial Bluetooth module between serial port parameters as 115200bps 、8 a data bits, no parity, 1 a stop bit transparent data communication.