The Mitsubishi FX series PLC Bluetooth communication suite manuals

    Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technologies, working in 2.4 GHz of the ISM band, the band Green free band of the genus, use the band the radio resource management departments to apply for license. Bluetooth has adopted a frequency hopping spread spectrum in the way, have good shielding, entered industrial control areas, more and more applications in industrial automation, distributed data acquisition, intelligent transport, electricity, hydraulics, and many other industries, industrial control interface implemented as RS232/RS485/RS422 transparent wireless transmission of signals.

      The Mitsubishi FX series PLC Bluetooth communication suite FS-BT-SC09 (FS is a registered trademark of the FourStar electronic FOURSTAR ), is FourStar electronic research's industrial-grade Bluetooth serial port adapter, the implementation of the computer or a touch screen devices of RS232 or USB interface to the Mitsubishi FX series PLC of RS422 interface (programming port) of Bluetooth wireless data communications, you can replace the traditional programming-communications interface cable such as SC-09 、 FX-232AW etc., Do not need alteration original serial communication protocol and a variety of programming software, monitoring software etc., do not need to settings, Plug and play is very convenient, especially suitable for use in the following occasions:

★ move or rotate serial communication between devices;

★ in the opposite, opposite the river or highway or railway or communication between devices;

★ other submarine cables all inconvenient for communication between the devices;

Product characteristics and key technical indicators

● Bluetooth band:2.40GHz —2.48GHz, ISM band

● Bluetooth protocol: Bluetooth v1.2

● Power ratings:Class1 (+ 20dBm)

● Received sensitivity: 85dBm

● Bluetooth communication distance: 300 m (broaden), after the high-gain antennas on matching up to 800 m (broaden)

● Power supply voltage: The respectively by the PLC communication and USB of the port itself 5VDC supply, you can add + 9 ~ power 40VDC

● Serial communication rate: 2.4Kbps ~115.2Kbps , for standard baud rate

● UART serial format: Data bits: 8 bits, the parity bit: none, stop bits: 1

● Interface protection: The powers port: the pole connects an anti- protection, lead to flow protection, 500W lightning surge protection

 RS232 ports surge protection, USB ports surge protection, RS422 port surge protection

●Work temperature:-40~+85 ℃ , relative humidity: 0~95% (not congealed)

Shape size: 90 × 78 × 24(long × breadth × high) wall hang type aluminum hulls

Heavy    Measure: 150 g

Product shape structure

        Each a FS-BT-SC09 Composed by two, a connection to PC or touch screen devices of RS232 interface or USB interface, another connection FX series PLC of the RS422 interface (programming port), manufactured pairing set up with good right FS-BT-SC09 enclosure stamped with the same sequence number.  only be arranged on the second  FS-BT-SC09 only chain of communication between the ability to build, a different pair modules cannot be mixed, the parties on the impact of communication and distrust, just like the car's remote control keys can only be opened and its automobile the same.

       In order to tell and narrative convenience, we put the connection to the computer's FS-BT-SC09 called“ Master module ”, connections PLC of FS-BT-SC09 called “ Slave module”.

Antenna this product is labeled 2.4 GHz, 3dB antenna, to enhance communication in distance, optional 9dB 、 13dB 、 24dB , etc., high-gain antennas, communication distance may consult the antenna vendor.

           The following table is FourStar electronic use different gain antenna measured distance from the Bluetooth communication:

Antenna specifications

Bluetooth maximum distance, spacious zones of communication)

2.4 G, 3dB Rod antenna (standard)


2.4 G, 9dB Rod antenna


2.4 G, 9dB antenna


Need to note is that data in a table is in open zone environment measured, in the Interior and the barrier of circumstances, the Bluetooth communication range has a larger decrease, the actual situation is complex, can only be measured according to a live environment.

Actual application should reduce barrier, maximize pairing two Bluetooth module mutual “can see” visible. as possible, do not use the product is installed on a metal cabinet avoid signal is shielded, free cable FS-BT-SC09 tends to lead to be installed in the Cabinet, or with an antenna will antenna tends to lead to the Cabinet.

Indicator lightThe product palette with four LED indicators, the status of its work as follows:

Indicator light

Flashing on



link (blue)

Build chain

The chain is not built

Parameter sets the mode

PWR (red)

Power the normal


Fault or not power-on

TXD (yellow)

Failure or signal polarity reversed

Transfer data

Fault or not power-on

RXD (green)

Failure or signal polarity reversed

Transfer data

Fault or not power-on

The master module of RS232 socket RS232 receptacle for the standard DB9M PIN socket, its signal is defined as follows:

RS232 socket (DB9M PIN) signal definition                   

PIN numbers

Signal names







RS232 signal reception



RS232The signal send



Terminal ready



Signal ground






Send the request








       Use the equipped with the product RS232 the master module for cable connection RS232 socket and computer RS232 socket, which had not been the master module, available power supply USB the master module for cable connection USB and of the computer USB port , and use a computer USB interface of 5VDC power supply, for there is no such as like touch-screen USB port installations are now available for external power supply terminal voltage 9~ 40VDC any power to supply to the master module.

The master module of USB socket

       As a standard USB-B socket, equipped with the product are available from USB cable to connect to the computer's USB socket, when the work of the master module from the computer's power supply in USB socket supply, no need external power supply. The first time you USB port may prompt you to install the USB drivers, please click on the computer prompts you to install CD's USB driver USB converted to a serial port (com port), please refer to the CD of the " USB driver installation notes document.

The master module of the external power supply terminals:

       Only when you use the master module RS232 interface and no USB on their electricity supply when required by the external power supply power supply.

The master-slave module baud rate setting the baud rate that corresponds to the switch:





The baud rate ( bps)




AT directive settings






























       The required assurances communication software and the Lord, slave module settings to the same baud rate, change switch modules have to power the new settings will take effect.

FS-BT-SC09 uses example 

       Personal computer GX developer programming software and FX series PLC implementation of Bluetooth wireless communication, uploaded, downloaded program data, monitoring PLC Usage of , etc., are as follows:

1、 FS-BT-SC09 the Master module and Slave module of the baud rate into switch settings 9600bps 。

2、The Master module USB socket connection to the computer's USB socket, The first time you USB interface may prompt you to install the USB drivers, install the driver after please click on the computer the USB port of the Windows of Device Manager in the corresponding serial number(com number)。

 If you use RS232 interface, the Master module of RS232 port connection to the computer's RS232 port, when you need to connect the Master module USB port to the computer's USB port to gain power, or in a separate add-in 9~ 40VDC DC power supply.

3、 The  Slave module of MD8M plug into PLC of the RS422 socket (programming port).

4、 If the Bluetooth Slave module of unanimity within range of effective communication, FS-BT-SC09 of the link some blue indicator light will Flash become flashing on after the seconds that represents the Master-Slave module has established the Bluetooth communication links, you can have transparent data transfer, this State called“ built chain ”.

5、Open GX developer programming software, create a new project and select a good PLC, on the main menu “ online \ transport settings under set serial number ” and baud rate.

Need to see here: FX3U though like series of PLC you can use the 115.2Kbps high-speed such as baud rate of communication, but the computer and PLC first connection still use the baud rate to 9.6Kbps and inform the communication online PLC next,you will use to set the baud rate of new, FS-BT-SC09 communication cannot be done automatically adapts the baud rate, so you can use only FS-BT-SC09 9.6Kbps baud rate.

6、 Click “ Communications Test” button to eject the connection succeeded message box that describes the computer and PLC has connection is successful, you can make the program to upload, download, PLC monitoring communications operations, and use SC-09 programming cables are identical.

FS-BT-SC09 can also be used in the third-party touch screen or other device and PLC connection, specific reference to the above, please use the method of computing and PLC connections, generally, as long as the SC-09 can connect, Bluetooth FS-BT-SC09 are also able to connect.

FS-BT-SC09 does not support the Mitsubishi A series PLC and Q series PLC

FS-BT-SC09 per set put contains the following accessories:

FS-BT-SC09            2 (Master module and Slave module)

2.4 GHz, 3dB, 2 antennas

RS232 1 cables (1m) 1

USB A-B cable(2m )1

CD (with manual and USB driver) 1